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Beepola hits v.1.01

A new version of Beepoa, v1.01, is now available for download from: …

New things include:-

* Added a new tone generation engine, based on The Music Studio, by MS-CID. This is a two-channel, sawtooth-wave engine with 12 in-built percussion sounds. Beepola’s implementation is pattern based and, like my modified Music Box player routine, produces substantially smaller code than the original Spectrum utility.

* Added the ability to output assembler listings in addition to TAP files and BINary data files.

* Notes and percussion effects now sound, using the currently selected beeper engine, as they’re entered.

* Added a bunch of keyboard shortcuts (F4 – Play Pattern, F5 – Play Song, F8 -Stop, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc. etc).

* Added Edit->Undo, Edit->Copy and Edit->Paste.

* Added Transpose Song… option to Tools menu

* Added Song Information… option to Tools menu
* Added online help to the Help menu, which includes documentation for the *.bbsong file format amongst other things.

I’ve also attempted to fix all the reported bugs (and a few unreported ones) including the delay switching between patterns on some PCs, and the crackling/stuttering playback issues that a couple of people experienced. Please let me know if there are any issues remaining.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions and bug reports for the v1.00 release.

Check out this demo from Shiru:


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