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Mega Man Music: Interview with Hally

1UP: Can you tell us a little about your personal histories with this particular game series?

Hally: I’ve been following videogame music since I was young, and I’ve found Mega Man music has always had a singular quality to it. It has a purity that appeals to many listeners. I’ve actually written articles on the history of Mega Man background themes, based on interviews like this one. I felt the burning desire to uncover just what it was that made these tunes what they are. (This is something Ippo-san and I have talked about on numerous occasions.) I ultimately came to the conclusion that while it’s something very distinctive, Mega Man music ultimately evades being pinned down and described in words.

Ryo Kawakami: I remember playing Mega Man back in elementary school and loving it. I even recorded my NES on cassette tape and had to experiment through trial and error to edit out the buzzing sound of the boss’s life bar filling up. Mega Man ZX was my first experience writing music for the series, and it sure did bring me back. It was an emotional moment for me.

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