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Saskrotch – Exploding Heart Disease

Purchase online at Saskrotch.

2 comments to Saskrotch – Exploding Heart Disease

  • kid versus chemical

    I really like Saskrotch’s music but I think this release is a little silly. 3 songs? Why not make a few more (6-8) if you want to sell it. I don’t get releasing a 3 song EP (is it supposed to be a single?) unless its free. Yes, a buck is very cheap, I concede that.

    Thats my other point. I always loved the fact that chip music was generally shared freely, it seems to be slowly trending the other way. I think offering free downloads and charging for innovative physical releases is the best model (like Tristan Perich’s CD or what Cortini is doing with the SuOnio thing etc.) Also money can be made from shows as well as T-Shirts and other junk like that. Just about all of us have day jobs or are students, why not do chip music just for the love?

    I’m sure most people will disagree with me, I’m just thinking out loud. My opinion on the subject changes like the weather, so its bullshit anyway. Also, sorry for writing so much.

  • I dunno you can still get plenty of free sass

    There are two ways to look at it. Consider this a wy to tip him for all the free music he HAS given you. Brothas have to eat!