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MisfitChris – Data Tides

MisfitChris returns to his IDM/experimental roots to create Data Tides, a collection of songs documenting a time of intense anxiety and a growing obsession with death/mortality. This release is an intimate look into the imagination, and a side of the artist many have not seen. Four on the floor has been put aside for a heartfelt attempt at communicating in a new way.

01 _Initiate Connection_ (04:07)
02 Romantic Recollection (Fragmented Memories) (03:48)
03 Mechanized Angels Fought for the Sky (06:09)
04 Eye of Bleeding Light (01:50)
05 First Dawn on the Coast of Horus (04:22)
06 Rooftop Intoxication (03:56)
07 The Scruffy Creature Tags Along (03:26)
08 A Light Hearted Farewell (06:42)
Artwork by Sylvester Draggon Junior.

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