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TCTD Links for 2011-03-08

  • RT @didcotladygrove: My uncle put 4gb of chiptune bullshit on my iPod. Its a pain trying to get rid of it all. Chiptune gives me headaches. #
  • RT @nullsleep: Post-Cyberpunk Wall of Noise • I was recently interviewed about my work for the @plutopia Podcast • #
  • HOT NEW CHIPTUNE ARTIST: Two scientists say they've found a man who is "beat deaf" – #
  • RT @disasterpeace: Going to PAX East this weekend? Come check out the Chiptune Series! All 3 days at the jamspace, 11-2 pm. #
  • GameSetWatch – In-Depth: Inside The 9th Annual Awards – Part 3 #
  • POKEY.synth Manual Version 1.0 #

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