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TCTD Links for 2011-03-10

  • RT @Sabrepulse: awesome preview of a @DolbyAnol remix for my upcoming @bleepstreet EP #
  • A device so cool, you can't imagine how you produced your art without it, so go nominate it for Best Hardware! #tctd10 #
  • What does this even mean? Salon on Tim and Eric: "Despite being to TV what 8-bit chiptune is to music…" #
  • MUSIC PROFILE: Revengineers – Rochester City Newspaper #
  • "I'm not usually a fan of chiptune music. When it's in a game, usually an older one, it's composed by professionals with actual… #
  • Its from this JAKB Review: @disasterpeace in reply to Disasterpeace #

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