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I am terribly sorry

I really fucked up. Early yesterday morning I received an email from a person saying they were the Business Manager from Pitchfork Media by the name of Andrew Kaufman informing me that Pitchfork where huge fans of TCTD and all the work we have done for the community. I was floored by how much he seemed to know about the work we have done, and the chip scene entirely. I quickly agreed to both his generous offer and to come to Chicago for a morning meeting with the Pitchfork staff, and I am there now at Midway airport waiting to come home.

It turns out that there was no Andrew Kaufman, and the Pitchfork I was sent to interview at wasn’t even a music blog. When I asked the owner of that establishment if he needed any help with his website’s content, he laughed me out of the bar. And the Grill. I am on my way back to NYC now, to beg for my job back and to see if any of the TCTD staff are still my friends, but I hope that my loyal readers can understand the thirst for fame and recognition of one’s work and will stick with us in these trying times.

UPDATE: Oh great. I just received a nasty email from Thomas Green, Legal Consul for Pitchfork Media. Apparently in the state of Illinois unauthorized theft of IP via RSS carries a fine of up to $3500 per article per page view. If anyone who works on the site reading this can please disable the Pitchfork Posts for me, and I try to put the site back together when I can.

Again, truly sorry, hope you can all forgive my hubris and heavy handed response to what seems to me to be a cruel and unwarranted prank. I hope you feel really good about yourself, Mr. Kaufman.

PS: Anyone have ideas for a cool kickstarter?

PPS: Will someone please ask Akira to unblock my facebook account?

Peter Swimm

Editor in Chief


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