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TCTD Links for 2011-04-01

  • About to board a plane to chicago to meet my new boss, wish me luck! #
  • Going to make a quick stop to have some congratulatory drinks meet us at.. #
  • Wow this bar is pretty crazy! The bartender just gave me a handful of … something #
  • No one understands the hard work I put into this stupid site.. you think these articles copy paste themselves? #
  • Its not like I listen to half of these fjksdhjklsdkhj piece of shi..oopopsd records #
  • ugh where am I? Covered in filth and geno's east trash. #
  • On my way to the pitchfork office, here is the link from their email: #
  • Man this doesn't look like an office at all? Waiting for the manager to show up #
  • I've made a terrible mistake. #
  • The Most Popular Tracker Ever? « CHIPFLIP #
  • And this great timeline of the history of trackers #
  • BeatMakerTV: iPad iPhone: Prophet 64 running on C64 app (working) #
  • DJ Scotch Egg interview at The Japan Times Online #
  • J/K about PF BTW. #
  • Mark DeNardo: “THB (Bit Shifter Retrograde Orbit Mix)” (Excerpt) by Bit Shifter #
  • RT @anamanaguchi: RIP Peter Berkman & James DeVito (via booooored) #
  • RT @anamanaguchi: More creepy sleeping photos #
  • Ok this is the last mean thing I'll do to you today. "Friday" (Rebecca Black) :-:-: TI-99/4A / C128 / 2600 cover version #

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