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TCTD Links for 2011-06-23

  • First casualty of that new Sega tracker: MMLTracker #
  • Kind of Bloop Lawsuit info blows my mind #
  • GameSetWatch – Bent Festival To Feature A Little Bit Of Blip Festival #
  • Lets Support Kind of Bloop and repost this image on your website. Fair Use thanks to Boing Boing! #
  • Kind of A Dick Move #
  • RT @Nullsleep: Short video from my @BlipFestival 2011 performance, at @eyebeamnyc • thanks @animatronicakbr • #
  • RT @waxpancake: Everyone, thanks for all your support. If you want to donate, go join the EFF and get a great 8-bit t-shirt: #
  • Rhizome | Andy Baio Writes About Settling Out of Court Over Pixel Art Depiction of Miles Davis #
  • RT @waxpancake: Disappointed in many of the comments being posted to Maisel's Fb. Discussion: good. Lynch mob: bad. #
  • RT @waxpancake: As part of our settlement contract, Maisel can reply to my post [I will] link to it prominently when he does. He hasn't yet. #

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