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Chiptune genuine world class! NNNNNNNNNN (I Found N10!) Finally appeared in the NODE !!!!!!!!!! manipulation freely as if they were Boy piano keyboard instrument tuned up, after another It’ll come out very far into the melody. Very much out there is no longer superhuman! NNNNNNNNNN ?Rubeshi! This is not far from it ??Ki guitar. Here I hope the world of sport is also the world swimming body Toka, a masterpiece of the culture better. J · Eurobeat Classics from over a lot of trouble, such as TMN now also a seasonal why Alley songwriting and fingers armed with this overwhelming, ultra-fast hardcore, UK based line type, 80’s and Old’s ?Me?Ke chiptune is reminiscent of a school, this time more and disco tunes workmanship is not Yaba No Seriously! I personally have no money but what this analog ?Ritakatta! sorrow sorry! no choice but! Pokemon , Zelda, Mario, Yoshi, jackets play on Nintendo’s past characters, such as expert-written Gabyi is Fujiko NODE-off superhero LABEL!

via Marginal records/???? NNNNNNNNNN.