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Noise Channel – A Chip Music Radio Show

Noise Channel — This show will explore the chiptune culture. It will showcase the latest and most cutting-edge chip artists, with classics and arrangements thrown in for variety. Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman will occasionally take emails from listeners and answer questions about the technical aspects of making chiptunes. Airs every Thursday night from 10pm-11pm on Arecibo Radio.

About the host — TrueStar – Kris Kaufman, alchemist, yarnsmith, puggle-walker. She has, through countless years of travel and trials, been possessed of tremendous zeal for the sound of the NES; of the C64; of the X68000; As one might savor a good wine, so she sips from the gem-encrusted chalice of chiptune luxury. She curates a vast collection of works by the unspeakably powerful wizard-bards of our lands, and of those across the mighty sea.

The next show (Oct. 20th) will be a Blipfestival Tokyo special and the week after Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman will talk about his trip to Japan and performing at Blipfestival Tokyo.


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