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Pxl-Bot: PB050| Ville Wannabe- Vox Stimuli

Pxl-Bot celebrate their 50th release with a returning appearance from one of the very first artists who ever graced the Pxl-Bot roster, Ville Wannabe.

The experimental sample-based style explored in his previous EP, ‘Future’ still holds a great amount of influence as seen from the opening number, ‘Inhale’, a vocal sample with guitar overdub. However, the new, heavily dance and the gorgeously soft sounds that dominate this release show themselves from the very start of ‘Vox Stimuli’. Ville weaves his melodies with a fragile and beautiful touch, dousing the cascading chords with a playful atmosphere with heaps of character intersected with more up-tempo, sometimes guitar driven, moments throughout to add some variety to the mix.

The sounds vary greatly through this small but eclectic EP, from the driving bass at the beginning and throughout of ‘Yes Offensive’ to the almost entirely guitar focused ‘Camomile’, all doused with the occasional but very signature sample work. ‘Vox Stimuli’ really does sound like an artist who has found a unique style and finally perfected it to a tee. This is one spectacular coming-of-age.

via Pxl-Bot: PB050| Ville Wannabe- Vox Stimuli.

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