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Headphones On Your Heart EP | Leeni

It’s been 6 years since Leeni first donned her Gameboy to write her debut album, 8-Bit Heart, and 5 years since her popular track “Headphones On Your Heart” was first composed and released.

Since that time, Leeni has been receiving emails from fans all over the world, telling her a similar story: that the song was the reason they decided not to kill themselves, that it gave them hope…and that it was ‘the only reason’ they are alive.

These messages have touched Leeni so much over the years that she wants to do more to give back to people who may be running low on hope.

And this “Headphones On Your Heart” EP is her answer. 100% of the proceeds of all of the sales will go to support the Jed Foundation to support its “Love is Louder” movement as well as other programs.


via Headphones On Your Heart EP | Leeni.

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