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True Chip Till Dead

via Chiptography

When I started the website a few years ago, I was bored at work and missing VORC terribly.  The idea to starting this blog (using a : | Krew joke as the name) seemed like a fun way to stay involved with the scene even if I didn’t have time to do things like Pulsewave and such, and that it would buy me a few more months of interest in the scene. Here we are five years later and and I am now feeling the urge to make some changes for myself which means I won’t be working on TCTD any longer.

This is the first thing I stuck with and worked on every day for as long as I have, and thanks to all the people who helped with content, or retweets, or comments or ups, its been really fun. The time has come, however, for me to move on and take the energy I’ve put into this site and put it towards myself. I think the scene is doing better than ever, internally and creatively and there are a number of options people can use to get their news now. I won’t be accepting new news items, but I plan to keep the site up for now as a catalog of all the information I felt was interesting these last few years.

Special thanks goes to Brady, David, Akira, keff, and my wife for listening to me bitch, working on content, and fixing my numerous mistakes.

Thanks also has to go out to all the artists who’s work is cataloged here, as well as all the readers who’ve interacted with the site.

If you are interested in following my efforts in making music and writing junk take a look at my personal website and twitter.

Thanks for paying attention, good times are coming.

47 comments to True Chip Till Dead

  • Important site news, check it out and thanks!

  • Oh wow. If I wasn’t so looking forward to more music from you this would be devastating instead of merely debilitating. Half of my work day will now have to be spent on actual work instead of hitting refresh. TCTD was how I jump started all of my chip learnings. Somebody’s got some mighty big shoes to fill, pal. <3 4 EVAR!!!

  • Thank you, Peter and the crew, for always making it nice. <3

  • Not gonna lie I will miss this site with it’s updates and news but nothing lasts forever. For what it’s worth Peter it meant the world to me when I saw my releases on this site. This site also opened my eyes up to a lot of awesome music and events I might not have seen otherwise. This site is a staple in the chiptune community and loved by those who really do crave true chip till death. Thanks for the memories and allowing me to post my music on here to help jump start my young career.


  • those were supposed to be crosses, danged unicode~ g’luck Peter!

  • Da Pantz

    The fact that I’m reading this on June 1, not April 1st, saddens me. TCTD changed chip music for the better; we’re all grateful. Thank you Peter + the whole TCTD crew!

  • awwww man this is sad !!!
    Thanks a lot Peter for all these years and BRK a leg in all your actual and future projects !!!

  • AutoReMi-PK

    Huge loss but the need to take some time and focus for yourself is highly understandable. Your contributions won’t be forgotten. Be well and thank you so much.

  • ShawnPhase

    Thank you for everything peter. all the best to you man.

  • celsius

    What a bummer. All good things come to and end I suppose. Thanks for the good times.

  • Good luck Peter, thanks for all the support and have fun with whatever you chose to do next.


  • crashfaster

    I’m truly saddened to hear this, but I completely understand your position. I’m glad you’re doing what’s best for you. TCTD has been an invaluable resource for me for years, and it will be missed daily. You’ve done so much to move the scene forward. I salute you, Mr. Swimm.

  • Wow, that is big news – I never expected that. But all good things must come to an end so they say. And True Chip Till Death was a very good thing, a reliably high quality site in a world of noise.

    Thanks Peter for all the work, and all the best for your next projects!


  • _…_
    ,’ `.
    ,’ `.
    ,’ _ ,-. `.
    | (_) `-‘ |
    | > |
    | ,—-. |
    | /,-“”-.\ |
    `. |/ ” ,’
    `. ,’
    We’ll miss ya xoxoxoxo

  • ne7

    Thanks for all the hard work working on such a brilliant website Peter <3

    Looking forward to checking out what you do next!


  • good luck in your future endeavors and thanks a bunch for keeping this site alive for as long as you did.

  • Thanks for everything you’ve done here. Browsing thiis website everyday was one of my first real interactions with the chip music scene. I’ll continue to wear my TCTD pin on my messenger bag proudly.

  • Aw man… that was unexpected! I wish you the best of luck, Peter, and thanks so much for putting your time and effort into this site. True Chip Till Death forever!

  • Peter, thanks for all the work you put into TCTD. What a blast it was doing that first awards ceremony with you. TCTD really represented to the truest of chip music writing. Gonna miss it!

  • andaruGO

    TCTD has been the diaspora-destroying unknowable creature that has saved my life many a time. I really hope that this site continues to live on, in any capacity– as it has been not only a psychological boon for myself and my friends, but has served as a testament to the sheer power that determination of will can have. It has truly been a treat.

    I just hope that it never has to end– we should all take the reigns. NO ONE FOR PRESIDENT~

  • TCTD was a daily routine for all of us. Thanks so much for the support all these years pal. Let us know if we can ever return the favor.

  • As they say, all good things, yada yada… still sucks to hear through.

    Am looking forward to the soul brave enough to follow TCTD’s lead. Even though I know already that he or she will probably not come close to filling Peter’s shoes…

  • Oh hey. Before you go: I bought an EMS 64M SmartCard and I’m having trouble with the drivers… ;) <3

  • B00daW

    Swim, Peter, swim… The world is your ocean! You’re free now! Don’t look back! DON’T LOOK BACK!

  • I gotta say it really makes me sad. And I want you to know a lot of brazilian folks informed themselves on the chipscene through your website (maybe because there’s a lot of metalheads down here and they just love any title that has TILL DEATH on it).

  • 505

    Thanks for all the work on this website. During the years it indeed became a sort of new VORC to me.

  • Theta_Frost

    Wow, this really is sad. Burnkit put it well, it really was a daily routine for me and many others. Thank you so much! I look forward to more music from you. Your blip set was great!

  • Custard

    Es triste que un sitio tan completo y lleno de información llegue a su fin
    Aquí, diariamente me enteraba de toda la escena de la música que más amo en este mundo
    Hasta siempre, TCTD
    Te extrañaré

  • Really sad news. Good bye TCTD.

  • thanks for all the time and effort used into this project.
    bb TCTD

  • Frostbyte

    Dude! Well, as long as you’re taking care of yourself :) You did a great thing for the chip scene. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the ride! \o/

    Where the hell do I get my daily news fix now? :D

  • ui

    i never liked this site anyway!!!.. … XD

  • thanks for all that you have done. we’ll miss you fo sho.

  • You will be missed, good sir.

  • woah, will miss this site greatly. found out about so much cool stuff on here!


  • Wow. This really is a shame, I loved this website very much, it’s sad to see it all go away.

    I still remember the first time you featured my album on TCTD and I felt so exited and honoured!! :D that is my favorite TCTD memory. Thanks Peter.

  • Sander

    Thanks Peter! Your contribution to this subculture has been immense.

  • Yep, I will be missing TCTD’s daily stuff too.
    Lots of respect for all your work Peter!

  • Thanks so much! It has been my favorite site for all these years…

  • gify

    There was always something good on TCTD, it was the perfect distraction from my 32-bit life. :) Thanks for your dedication Peter, TCTD will be missed!

  • that guy

    TCTD was an amazing resource for all things chip, I’m desparate to find a similar site that does what TCTD has done. :(

  • 10k

    Sometimes I still check this blog. :'(