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Shiftwave Bootleg

Record directly off main sound board at Shiftwave at the Vera Project.

artists in order of performance

boys club

due to technical issues (recorder ran out of memory) fighter x’s set was not recorded

we all had a lot of fun and thought that you might like to listen as well

zip can be found here


“Para ‘N’ droiD”

This is billed as the first real demoscene release on the Android platform and it’s interactive. Search for “Para ‘n’ Droid” on the Android Market or check out Pouet. Seems to bog down somewhat on my non-updated HTC Hero. Music is killer.

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My first day at Blip Europe by glomag

My spider-sense is tingling...

My spider-sense is tingling...

Aalborg, DK 072309

Chip musicians were arriving all day on Friday like flies attracted to shit. Luckily there was a very large spider present to capture us all (see picture)

Sweden is well represented here amongst performers and attendees. Jonas from Microdisko (the best drinking partner ever,) had helped promote the event. He found us at the hostel in the early afternoon and we headed over to the venue for sound checks. Another nice surprise: Divag, who I had met years ago at a show in Paris made it up here as well with his girlfriend. Psilodump showed up during sound check as did Covox.

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Tour Diaires

its over already

too tired to write about anything really, but before i go to sleep ive got videos and pictures uploading at and

ive got to be up in 3 hours to catch a cab to catch a train to Copenhagen.

hope you guys enjoyed the stream (if you caught it)

there was loads of video being shot so there should be plenty of material to beat off too at some point

remind me to tell you about the girl i stole cigarettes from

p.s. hally is an earthquake

Tour Diaires

Holy Fuck, Boys, it’s Blip Festival Europe! (a post from Saskrotch)

its about 11 am, everyones either sleeping or wishing they were still asleep.

i can’t think of anything to write about last night that doesnt sound corny as shit. “oh man we all got raped by those laser monkeys from congo except the laser monkeys from congo were actually music”

i wanted to do a live blog / live upload kind of thing, but the venue was using one wireless connection for the visuals and for anyone involved in the fest with a laptop, all over a mobile G3 connection. i couldn’t even get one picture to upload here so i gave up.

much different crowd than the American Blip Fests. I got the feeling a lot of them just came because it was a show rather than because they were fans or had any inclination towards chip music. but despite that they all seemed to have a really good time.

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