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Giant Claw – Tunnel Mind

If you liked Midnight Murder and Erasers Fantasy then this is right up your alley!


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monomer – Ranger Wars

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The Victory Rangers of Future City 20XX have worked together to vanquish every manner of threat to their beloved home planet – except each other! Now their super-star egos drive a feud that can only be settled with blood! Heavily influenced by NES music, and Mega Man games in specific, the soundtrack relies on simple waveforms and white-noise percussion to capture a retro feel with modern production. Written over the course of several months at the start of 2011.

Game Name: Ranger Wars

Developer: Nubbernaut Studios

Platform: XBLA (release date TBD)

Composer/Producer: Gavin Allen (monomer)

Ranger Wars OST by monomer

Artwork by Francis Coulombe

Music released with permission by authors of game and music.

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Alex Mauer – System of a Master

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Comes with .SGC file (NSF Equivalent)

The SN76489A PSG is a pure symmetrical squarewave generator, dark, icy-cold, and devoid of bass. Master usage of this soundchip is only achieved through expert manipulation. In parallel to Eat People 1 on the NES, System of a Master dives into a full variety of VGM styles played back on a Sega Master System via home-made flash cartridge. Themes include references to summers spent with cousins Jeannine and Matt(matador), UHF syndicated television, and comics drawn by Alex in the early 90s.

01 System of a Master

02 Darkside

03 Lotch Kotch Key

04 Hospital

05 Zaxxoff

06 Mid Air Collision

07 Judith Light

08 Bees & Bells

09 Sr. Ursula

10 Angel Delgado

11 Ashey

12 Boom Boom Room

13 Don’t Get Mad at Matador

14 Xuxa! Xuxa! Xuxa!

15 The Monk

16 Cat of the Dragons

Artwork by Alex Aguilar.

Creative Commons License

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Blast Portable 2

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MisfitChris – Famicom Sessions


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The origin of Famicom Sessions dates back to September 2009. On a chilly autumn evening, MisfitChris was introduced to Famitracker by fellow musician Tristendo Corrales. It was on this evening that Chris began writing what is now known as Famicom Sessions. A collection of experimental NES jams that document Chris’s first year of composing Chipmusic.

01 Welcome to Famicom Sessions (2A03, added Text To Speech)
02 Basement Dweller (2A03)
03 Legend of Tristendo (VRC6)
04 Saving the Shy Librarian (MMC5)
05 Med Pack (MMC5)
06 Rainy Day Recess (MMC5)
07 French Whores (MMC5)
08 Sleep Vacation 7 (MMC5)
09 Tokyo Midnight (VRC6)
10 Asteroid Night (VRC6)
11 Love is a Sickness (2A03)
12 Leaving Home (2A03)
13 The Graveyard Club (2A03)
14 Goodbye from Famicom Sessions (2A03 for intro, added Text To Speech; MMC5 for outro)

Artwork by Gabrielle Shea and Tristan Corrales.

Creative Commons License