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Amay- Aeriae – 8-bit animated clip for Aussie electronic producer Aeriae’s track ‘Amay’ from the album ‘Hold R1.’ Characters and props were animated with Scott Anderson’s 8-bit software ‘Fantavision’ running on an emulated Apple II computer. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Animation • Art Stuffs • videos • Visual Artists

Le Avventure Di Marionetti

Thanks to Keff I get a link to this artist, Antonio Glessi, which in the videos that caught my eye, seems to be working with Atari 8-bit computers or maybe Amstrad (more info soon).

Among many things, he made the Marionetti series, of which here’s one video

Very arty and tech-wise maybe not more than a bunch of slideshows, but I like the aesthetics he has coupled with the limitations given by the platform he chose to use.

Check out many more cool videos in his Vimeo link like Giovanotti Mondano Meccanici contre Dracula.

Animation • Art Stuffs • Pop Culture • videos

Glitch – 1024mb

Not for purists:

Animation • videos

PINK SNOW — La Belle Indifference video by Raquel Meyers

via ???? ? 8-?????? ??????.

Animation • Chipmusic • Pixel Art • videos • Visual Artists

minusbaby – a few years later on Vimeo

Next year we are definitely having a best video category.