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This week on the FMA: Noisewaves

Free Music Archive: Pixel Protection Program.

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This week on the FMA – Mister Beep!

Free Music Archive: Beep Beats.

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Sycamore Drive – Chills / Mortimer’s Melody

This is the digital download of the first Sycamore Drive 7” record, Chills / Mortimer’s Melody. These songs were the first to be created using samples of the Commodore 64’s sound chip with Renoise, and a bit of delay and reverb.The 7” was hand-lathed on clear vinyl in limited quantities for the Ultrachip 2011 Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Free Music Archive: Sycamore Drive – Chills / Mortimer’s Melody.

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FMA: Anamanaguchi – Live at WFMU on Beastin’ the Airwaves with Keili

Keili shares a live session recorded with Anamanaguchi. Employing traditional rock instruments with hacked NES and Gameboy sound creations since 2004, the guys of Anamanaguchi are the Kings of the chip tune scene.

Free Music Archive: Anamanaguchi

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This week on the FMA: 2NRO8OT

Free Music Archive: From Russia With Arps.