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2nd Limited Edition Scarves from Notendo

Released at the beginning of 2011, DH_4-09 is the 2nd limited edition scarf designed by Jeff Donaldson (AKA Notendo.)

The pattern was created with the DH system and rendered as a scarf at a 1:1 pixel to knot ratio.

Perfect for the upcoming winter months, DH_4-09 is currently offered in 4 different colour combinations:

Black, Light Blue, Dark Gray (pictured)
Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray
Black, White, Light Gray
Dark Gray, White, Light Gray

Scarves are $75 each plus shipping & handling. Paypal is OK.

Dimensions: 145x17cm / 57×6.5in

The design / pattern is knitted in, not printed or embroidered.

Material: 100% soft acrylic. The material is soft and good to wear. Handwash or machine wash at 30 degrees celsius / 86 degrees fahrenheit.

Contact! jeff @ with any questions!

DH_4-09 is a continuation of Notendo desgined glitch apparel.

For t-shirt designs: Glitchaus

Chipmusic • Goods

Glitchaus shirts now on sale

Glitchaus is a “A new design series made public based on CHR ROM data.” from notendo.


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Vandalism News #56

Legendary C64 diskmag VANDALISM NEWS gets the mandatory yearly release with a lot of inside information about the C64 demoscene and also a load of tunes by awesome artists like Johannes Bjerregaard, ne7 and Conrad, as well as graphics by Mermaid and Joe, two of my favourite pixel artists.

Get it from CSDb

Chipmusic • Goods

Radiograffiti – SKULL TRACKER” T-SHIRT

“These limited, screen-printed, skull-tracker shirts are technically “dispyz” memorial shirts but don’t actually mention “dispyz” anywhere to avoid you the embarrassment of being called “dipsees” or “dipshitz” in public. Still features the “Mem 1995 – 2010? and subliminal “414? text. Design is based on the excellent, Octamed 4.0 sample tracker for the Amiga line of computers. Art was painstakingly created and traced by Ty Stagediver, line-by-line.”

“Skull Tracker” T-Shirt | Radiograffiti

Goods • Visual Artists

Limited Edition Notendo Shirt from 8bitpeoples

This is the next installment in our ongoing, limited edition visualist t-shirt collection. This second shirt in the series is from NYC based visualist noteNdo aka Jeff Donaldson, whose modified video game console projections have graced the stage of countless chip music shows around the world.

Created in 2001 by preparing an unmodified NES with tin foil, this design is part of the opening sequence for the Goonies II NES title.

via 8bitpeoples. Dont forget to get your 8gb shirt while supplies last!