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Assembly Summer 2010

It’s Assembly time, folks!

For those unfortunately poor or too far away to get to Helsinki for this classic event, you can follow the action on the video stream.

When there’s no demo-activity or others, you can see a shit ton of demos, so any fanatic should spend its time watching this for the next 4 days. Also, Syphus is apparently presenting some stuff there. Who’d be crazy enough to give this man a microphone again? :D

All the action on the AssemblyTV website, where they have many options to watch the stream if you are not satisfied with the in-built Flash player.

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Love Club mit gwEm - Live Radio Performance

We missed this in October, but gwEm appeared on the German Radio Program “Love Club”.

You can check out the audio here:

Mp3 Link

via Love Club

Chipmusic • radio Launches

showcase-bottomSo on this painfully slow Thursday, we luckily have the appearence of The station seems to showcase a mix of classic game toons, orgional scene releases, nerdrap, and game remixes. All together it might be not enough of what you dig, but it seems to be a deep mix based on the short time I played with it.

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8 Solar Bits on the Radio on WFMU

solarWelcome new readers! There is tons of fun stuff to post today, the first being WFMU’s 8 Solar Bits on the River f/ NATTY , GLOMAG , BUBBLYFISH, NULLSLEEP which was broadcasted live from the beautiful sun-powered SOLAR ONE facility.  You can hear the entire archived radio program on the WFMU page for SOUND AND SAFE.