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SunVox updated to v1.7

 SunVox v1.7 is out!
iOS version coming soon (after Apple approval).
What is new:

  • Android port (Android 2.3 min.);
  • Meego port;
  • real-time recording of any types of sound events (notes, Touch Theremin, controllers changing); WARNING: recording is not available for PalmOS version;
  • if you want to enable/disable the metronome for recording – go to the Main Menu -> Preferences -> Recording -> Metronome = ON/OFF;
  • new module: Analog Generator with the following features: 32 double alias-free oscillators with internal 12/24dB filters; exponential envelopes; smooth parameters changing;
  • Bypass ‘B’ button has been added to the window with module’s controllers;
  • View ‘V’ button has been added to the window with module’s controllers: with this button you can change the view mode (one, two or four columns);
  • polyphony has been increased from 16 to 32 for the Sampler and the SpectraVoice;
  • number of sample slots has been increased from 16 to 128 for the Sampler;
  • “Roll-off” (dB per octave) controller has been added to the Filter module; available values: 12dB; 24dB; 36dB; 48dB;
  • now you can load samples through the “Load Module” file dialog; Sampler will be created automatically;
  • “Preview” button has been added to the “Load Module” file dialog;
  • mouse wheel is now enabled for any type of controllers and scrollbars;
  • mono mode has been added to the LFO module;
  • new features in the Main menu -> Edit: Shrink pattern and Expand pattern;
  • new standard pattern effects 40…5F – delay an event for selected fraction of the line (from 40 (0%) to 5F (100%));
  • new standard pattern effect 04 – vibrato with parameters FFAA, where the FF – frequency, AA – amplitude;
  • new standard pattern effect 22 – set the controller’s value to the random number from 0 to PPPP (parameter);
  • new controller in the Filter module: “Exponential freq” for exponential frequency;
  • new function “Stereo to mono” added to the Sampler (sample editor);
  • new sunvox_config file option: pencontrol – force UI (User Interface) optimization for Pen/Mouse control;
  • new sunvox_config file option: ppi – pixels per inch; example: ppi 160;
  • new sunvox_config file option: scale – UI scale factor (normal=256); example: scale 128 //reduce the size of UI items in half;
  • new sunvox_config file option: synths_min_num – minimum number of modules on x-axis;
  • new parameters (Control Type and Scale) in the Preferences for the UI scale configuration; use it if you want larger or smaller interface elements;
  • Windows: now DirectSound is default sound system; but if you need ASIO output, just select it in the sunvox_config.ini file (audiodriver asio);
  • iOS: “Create Directory” feature added to the Wi-Fi file browser;
  • new examples: electrohouse, afternoon, pong, space_trip, 8bit_tales, sfields1, 1bit;
  • new instruments;
  • sound engine optimization;
  • many bugs fixed.

SunVox: SunVox v1.7.

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iPhone Nanoloop Posse Comp

iPhone Nanoloop Posse | BRIGHT PRIMATE.

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sinusoid 2.0 appeared

Sinusoid is an 8 bit music tracker/sequencer sound toy. It has four channels, 2 sine, 1 square and 1 drum channel. Sound controls are attack, decay and tremolo. Other features are copy, paste, save and load. Sinusoid is inspired by retro games and old almost forgotten trackers…

via sinusoid.

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SunVox updated to v1.6.4

  • new module: Side Chain Compressor;
  • new module: DrumSynth with 120 unique synthetic drum sounds;
  • new module: Amplifier;
  • added multitrack WAV export;
  • double click on the empty area of Sound Net -> Create a new module;
  • double click on some pattern of Timeline -> Open a window with pattern properties;
  • maximum BPM increased to 800;
  • interactive waveform drawing added to Generator (only for type 4 (dirty));
  • added new simple examples: compressor, drumsynth1-4;
  • added new examples: chain reaction;
  • iOS: added stereo mode to Input module;
  • iOS: added Online Help (in Main Menu);
  • many bugs fixed.

WarmPlace.Ru. SunVox synthesizer.

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SunVox v1.6 is out!

New in this version:
* GUI improvement and optimization;
* Maemo port (tested on Nokia N900);
* iOS: added screen orientation locking;
* iOS 4 multitasking support;
* iOS: added file sharing (SunVox <-> iTunes);
* added spectrum analyzer;
* new module: OGG Vorbis Player; note: this module is not available
for the PalmOS devices;
* new module: Amplitude Modulator (multiplier);
* added new controller in the “Distortion”: “Noise”;
* added LFO to the “Filter”;
* improved sound quality of the “FM” module;
* improved sound quality of the “Kicker” module;
* added high-quality cubic interpolation to the “Sampler” module;
note: this mode doesn’t work on handheld devices with integer engine;
* added a set of built-in color themes;
* you can specify your own colors using the c_0, c_1, c_2 and c_3
options in the sunvox_config file; example: c_0 #00FF80;
* added UNDO/REDO functions (trough the main menu or CTRL + Z / CTRL
+ Y / SHIFT + CTRL + Z);
* added “edit step” to the pattern editor;
* new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): CTRL + MINUS – decrease edit step;
* new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): CTRL + PLUS – increase edit step;
* correct solo/mute handling in the “MultiSynth” module;
* added “Module remapping” function (main menu -> edit -> remap);
* fixed bug with relative note in the “MultiSynth”;
* sunvox_config: added “zoom” option; you can use it for larger
pixels on Linux devices with SDL, or on WinCE devices with RAW video
driver; example of usage: zoom 2;
* added new songs and simple examples;
* many bugs fixed.

Note: iOS version will be available soon (after Apple approval).