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SpriteMate free dedicated pixel editor for OSX/NIX/WIN

SpriteMite is a cross-platform image editor dedicated to creating and editing pixel art images. It is the perfect tool for creating artwork requiring precision at the pixel level.

SpriteMite is great for creating website graphics, icons (favicons) and even retro 8-bit style illustrations.


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klystrack 1.5.4 has been released

New stuff includes:

* Improved file selector (drive list, bookmarks)
* Sequence editor step size is saved with song
* Sequence data can be entered digit by digit
* Reverb tap lengths in ticks
* Better wavetable preview (including key jamming with samples)
* Module import optimizations for duplicate patterns (doesn’t run out of patterns so easily)
* Numerous fixes (time signature visualization, pattern clone etc.)
* New theme (Golden_Brown)

Etc. etc.