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CWP for SEGA Master System / Game Gear appeared

CWP for SEGA Master System / SEGA Game Gear is a simple tool for playing custom waveforms in real time using the control pad. Works in an emulator and on hardware.

– 8 customisable waveforms
– Handy pre-loaded waveforms including sine, triangle and everyone’s favourite, square

– Directional pad up / down / left / right: trigger a waveform
– Button 1 and directional pad up / down: change currently-selected sample
– Button 1 and directional pad left / right: change current cursor position / sample
– Button 2 and directional pad left / right: change currently-selected waveform

via little-scale

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Alex Mauer – System of a Master

Download MP3

Comes with .SGC file (NSF Equivalent)

The SN76489A PSG is a pure symmetrical squarewave generator, dark, icy-cold, and devoid of bass. Master usage of this soundchip is only achieved through expert manipulation. In parallel to Eat People 1 on the NES, System of a Master dives into a full variety of VGM styles played back on a Sega Master System via home-made flash cartridge. Themes include references to summers spent with cousins Jeannine and Matt(matador), UHF syndicated television, and comics drawn by Alex in the early 90s.

01 System of a Master

02 Darkside

03 Lotch Kotch Key

04 Hospital

05 Zaxxoff

06 Mid Air Collision

07 Judith Light

08 Bees & Bells

09 Sr. Ursula

10 Angel Delgado

11 Ashey

12 Boom Boom Room

13 Don’t Get Mad at Matador

14 Xuxa! Xuxa! Xuxa!

15 The Monk

16 Cat of the Dragons

Artwork by Alex Aguilar.

Creative Commons License

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master everdrive appeared

this is a sd/mmc capable flashcart for the sega master system by krikzz.

max supported ROM size of 8mbit (1mbyte)
32kb FRAM for game saves
support for SMS and SG-1000 games
support for standard sega mapper and codemasters mapper
cartridge can be used on the sega game gear using a game gear adapter
operating system can be updated via the SD port
RAM data can be loaded or saved from the SD card
support for both SD and MMC cards
SD/MMC cards are limited to a 2GB partition, with FAT16 formatting
the FRAM will store game saves even after power-off. there is also no need for a battery for game saves
addition support may be found on krikzz’ site here.

via kitsch-bent — master everdrive (non-usb).

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little-scale: My Head Is A Punching Bag

A collection of four EPs, each written in one hour. 17 tracks in total, made using SEGA Master System, Nintendo Entertainment System, SEGA Mega Drive and Apple iPod. Thanks to Lauren Tomczak for the amazing artwork

via little-scale: little-scale: My Head Is A Punching Bag (2010).

Chipmusic • Sega Master System • software

Furrtek’s glitchy SMS VJ tool

Limited Chaos est un VJ-Tool minimaliste basé sur le foutage de merde pseudo-aléatoire dans la mémoire vidéo de la Master System.

La Master System est une console 8-bits de Sega, sortie il y a environ deux siècles.