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Deflemask Tracker adds Genesis support

It was about time we get an alternative for Megadrive/Genesis musicmaking :D

New kid on the block Delek has been, for some time now, working on adding YM2612 and SN76489 PSG support to his tracker Deflemask, which before supported only the Y759 FM chip (found in many cellphones). The efforts of this young chipmusic enthusiast are coming to fruition very soon.

This is a cool new alternative for Sega Genesis tracking, since Delek is a very dedicated kid who is listening a lot to people input about his tracker,something all of us interested in Sega Genesis music making will appreciate I bet. Work is also being done about “exporting to real hardware” aspects of this whole deal, usually the hardest part.

You can be happy about something else too: your feature suggestions and bug reports will not be greeted anymore with a disgruntled answer ;)

Release will be online soon, so I tease you with a screenshot only for now.
Here’s a video of Deflemask in action though, in its previous version (Y759 soundchip)

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