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Sonic Sanctuary | Burnkit2600

This album was recorded live at our former headquarters, the ancient Odd Fellows building in Danbury Connecticut. In it’s 100 year history, the building was everything from a speakeasy to an artsits’ co-op. For our purpose, the practice space was our Sonic Sanctuary, a haven where we had total creative freedom to develop these works. As such, this album is dedicated to Austé for use of the space and to the old building’s spirit that was channeled into these songs.

Burnkit2600 is indebted to our amazing friends and fans for sticking with us and especially Jitka, Jori and Mei-Ling for their unending support and patience.

via Sonic Sanctuary | Burnkit2600.

Chipmusic • Releases

Zef Releases Blackout

Zef’s new album Blackout is out! Pay what you think it’s worth; All donations from the first two days are going straight to Johan Kotlinski for his work in developing LSDJ. All funds following that will go on perpetual lend to to help people in third world countries get on their feet.
Join the Kiva Chipmusic Fan Team and lets see just how generous the chipscene is! Join up and tell your friends too!

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Save files included for LSDJ-ers.
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Gnar Dream | Infinity Shred

Starscream is dead.

EP 001 Gnar Dream | Infinity Shred.

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Cosmic Lovely Lovely | NNNNNNNNNN

Cosmic Lovely Lovely | NNNNNNNNNN.

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Neurobit – Maison De Verre Sur Le Chantier

After the previous release on tape: “Neurobit – War Of The worlds” which was reviewed in the April edition of The WIRE magazine, Bas Welling aka neurobit is coming with a new sound, a live recording this time, available as a free download. While just being released this new composition has been downloaded 2700 times in just a few days already!

So have a listen yourself!

Neurobit – Maison De Verre Sur Le Chantier (ca497)