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Embryonic C-men and Video Pong...

Embryonic C-men and Video Pong:

Chipmusic •

TCTD micronews for 2010-01-13

  • Chibi-tech! A–nie Rabu Damon. (It’s A–nie Love.) #
  • RT: @bit_shifter_: • I got Shnabubula’d! Now I can die a happy man. #
  • 3 DS-10 +kaosspad jams is excessive: #
  • RT: @Nobuooo: OC Remix’s DCK 2 Album Preview & more on 8bitX Radio Network tonight: #
  • NEW 2PP DVD FOR SALE:6 Discs/10hrs of Penny Arcade Expo’09 goodness. Click here for the trailer and store link: #
  • RT: @WaveTheory: MAGFEST 8 DOCUMENTARY (sort of) through the eyes of A_Rival. Just uploaded here!: #
  • Download! 8GB posted 8GB – Lemon Prize (Tom Woxom’s Commodore Take Remix) on #SoundCloud