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veejingsx VJ software for the MSX appeared

This software, creates different visual effects in realtime (vjing), with 8bit style. Contains different types of backgrounds, screens, tile animations and sprite animations.

For MSX computers.

veejingsx – Software for visual effects interpretation (vjing) for 8bit music sessions, using MSX computer. – Google Project Hosting.

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NESFlix appeared

NESFlix is a movie player for your Nintendo / NES, intended for VJ use.

In addition to just playing back movies, there are some effects to allow you to control it better in real time. You can swap between palettes, toggle color cycling, alter the playback speed, and toggle forward/reverse play. You can also choose to play the movie back in four-up mode or one corner of the screen. You can position the movie by scrolling the screen, too. All of these effects are shown in the YouTube video below.

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