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TCTD Awards – Best Song Medley

The 2010 True Chip Till Death Awards. In proper award show fashion, MC Bud Melvin and house band SHRIMPS played a medley of all seven Best Song nominees.

• “Paper Dolls” – 4mat
• “It Ain’t Hawaii” – The J. Arthur Keenes Band
• “Fill My Head” – Sadnes
• “Whale” – George and Jonathan
• “Airbrushed” – Anamanaguchi
• “Diamond” – AMU
• “Leaving Home” – 10k

YouTube – TCTD Awards – Best Song Medley.

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Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families – Rite Now

Dear friend,

I am here to let you know about my latest release, which features two songs you can already get on the internet (just not these superior versions). In this statement, I will tell you each and every reason why you should get your hands on a copy of my latest release, the Rite Now 5″ vinyl single.

Following my two CD/free download EPs of early 2010, the birth of my own vinyl record label (Sounds Legit w/ Celsius) and a fantastic lathed vinyl release from my Sydney brother, godinpants, I was inspired to try something different for my next release. Vinyl.

I wasn’t prepared to settle for any ordinary vinyl release. I wanted to do something special. What I came up with was a super limited clear 5″ vinyl single (limited to 50 units). To top this off, I’ve got eight (or ate, get it?), hand crafted pizza-picture-discs. Each pizza-picture-disc is a one-off, hand drawn artwork by Erin Marshall-Turner (who provided the artwork for Another), set in clear vinyl. C’mon! That alone is worth buying!

If artwork set in vinyl, or a clear vinyl disc is not enough for you, there are also songs on this bad boy! Side A features Rite Now, recorded in Adelaide with Jess Porter and mastered by chipmusic king, cTrix in Melbourne. While Side B features a live recording (captured by Eggo) of the first ever 10k track I yelled over; Bitchwhipped, again mastered by cTrix. Then, each of these records was hand crafted in Brooklyn, NY, with a 1930s lathe just in time for blip fest. Mad props to Adamgetsawesome for picking them up for me and taking photos.

Want one yet? If you’re coming to Blip, you’ll have your chance.


via that guy who screams over a Game Boy backing track.

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Reformat – V/A

OK. First of all, I had nothing to do with this.

Last October on my birthday, my roommate Mike Lerman (a.k.a. Fuckjazzforaminute, and the man at the wheel of Austin’s killer Datapop event series) handed me a giftwrapped object of the size and shape typical of what you’d expect from a standard CD jewel case. So far so good. But unwrapping it I realized that there was nothing typical or standard about it, AT ALL. The tracklist on the back of the CD had stuff in there like “Saskrotch: Paper Chase Init_” and “nordloef: Activation Theme” and “IAYD: Reformat The Planet.” OBVIOUS JOKE, right? A well-meant prank. Well Mike put it on to prove to me otherwise, and sure enough he had, in fact, who knows how long ago, hatched a secret plan to be revealed on my birthday, to enlist nearly two dozen people from the chip community, for some unfathomable reason, to cover songs from Information Chase, a saccharine and sophomoric EP I’d put out five years ago. And the tracklisting was like a who’s-who of the chipmusicians I respect and admire the most, like Random, cTrix, Bud Melvin, nordloef, Sievert, Henry Homesweet, little-scale, Saskrotch, and so on and so on. So it took some time for me to wrap my brain around it, but ultimately I came around to accepting that this thing was real. Five months later, I still am no closer to finding the words to express my awed gratitude, or the mixture of emotions I’ve been experiencing ever since. It’s POSSIBLE that when we got to Coova’s track on the comp (“Reformat The Planet”), that I MIGHT have shed a tear. But it was just watery eyes from allergies. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Tracklisting after the jump

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IAYD and Sievert split 7′ – “WARPDRIVE”

Sounds Legit is the brain-child of Celsius (Eugene Davoren-Britton) and 10k (Tom Gilmore). It is a low-bit music label dedicated to the documentation and distribution of high quality, limited and original chipmusic for all to enjoy.

The first release of the Sounds Legit Themed Split 7″ Series is a surefire chipmusic classic. Combining forces at last, Texan Game Boy music superstars, IAYD and Sievert – who between them, have featured on three 8bitpeoples releases, played Blip Festival, Datapop, Pulsewave and even SoundBytes in Australia – have put together the WARPDRIVE EP.

The split features two futuristic Game Boy Drum ‘n’ Bass tunes, one on either side of a limited edition 7″ vinyl. Just the right thing to start out your Sounds Legit Themed Split 7″ Series collection.

The EPs will be for sale from the Sounds Legit website which launched on Friday the 14th of January, as well as from the artists at shows.

To stay on top of what is happening with Sounds Legit, follow us on twitter.