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  • RT: @JeremyKolosine: 09/09/09 brings 9 FREE TRACKS from 8-BIT OPERATORS – WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD! #
  • Animal Style has a neat trick for ripping sounds from Genesis Roms for your fm tracking: #
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via Offworld.

Yet another 09/09/09 surprise, this time the Beatles-half of the blowout day that surprisingly has nothing to do with monophonic reissues or Rock Band: 8-Bit Operators, the same group that brought you the eponymous 2007 Kraftwerk chiptune cover album have just announced WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD, a new 20-track compilation covering the best of the Beatles.

The Operators say the full release will include tracks from 8-Bit Weapon w/ ComputeHer, Bacalao, Anamanaguchi, Bud Melvin, Burnkit 2600, Depreciation Guild, Glomag, Herbert Weixelbaum, Neotericz w/ Naku, Bubblyfish, Poke-1,170, Shrimps w Robert J Smith, gwEm & Counter Reset, goto80, Receptors, Psilodump, Cheap Dinosaurs, Saskrotch, Minusbaby, Rabato and Aonami.


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  • Namco Game Music now on iTunes #
  • RT @JeremyKolosineThe real ROCK STARS "wanna hld yr handheld"! NEW 8BitOps Beatles Comp Myspace page #
  • David E. Sugar has a Palms Out Mixer f. Stu #
  • Using Trackers for your Indie Games: #
  • Who is going to use the new chiptune mode in Guitar Hero 5 #