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TCTD Awards – Best Song Medley

The 2010 True Chip Till Death Awards. In proper award show fashion, MC Bud Melvin and house band SHRIMPS played a medley of all seven Best Song nominees.

• “Paper Dolls” – 4mat
• “It Ain’t Hawaii” – The J. Arthur Keenes Band
• “Fill My Head” – Sadnes
• “Whale” – George and Jonathan
• “Airbrushed” – Anamanaguchi
• “Diamond” – AMU
• “Leaving Home” – 10k

YouTube – TCTD Awards – Best Song Medley.


8GB – The Sound of Bleepstreet 2010 Mixtape

8GB – The Sound of Bleepstreet 2010 Mixtape by 8gb

Akira wrote:

After talking briefly with Computadora and mainly because I wanted, I made a mixtape to promote around Bleepstreet Records. Computadora also says I am the A&R of the label now :P

I made this mixtape showcasing some music from artists of its roster, current and future, and others who are not, based on what to me should be the sound of a Bleepstreet dancefloor!! This is not totally about chip, this is about ass-kicking data beats to shake your butt around, even if you are a cheaptoon nerd or a piping hot gurrl.

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