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DATATHRASH MIXTAPE 2 | Datathrash Recordings

DATATHRASH MIXTAPE 2 | Datathrash Recordings.

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PB015| Andrew Kilpatrick- Sonic Graffiti

Andrew: This is the biggie. It’s been my baby in waiting for a good few months now. The serious one. The one I worked on to iron out everything into what I consider my greatest achievement musically. And I hope you agree!! Below is a link to a free five track version of the piece of work, however, If you can spare a dollah fiddy to lend a brother some love it’d be very much appreciated. What do you get for a dollah fiddy? The full dealo, the whole 10 tracks. Stream it if you want, download the free version or whatever, I just want this shit to be heard :) I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it!!
10 Track Full Version>
Free 5 Track Teaser>

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PB014| Andrew Kilpatrick- Square Wave Octave [Major]

The counterpart to mondays release is here, the second of three releases this week by Andrew Kilpatrick.

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PB013| Andrew Kilpatrick- Square Wave Octave [Minor]

Kick starting off this weeks trio of releases from our very own Andrew Kilpatrick is Square Waves Octave [Minor].

This is Andrew’s first full length album and it does not disappoint. This album as well as its counterpart, to be released later this week, has a theme of sorts, in which each of its expertly crafted tracks steps up a key from the last until eventually the first song is repeated in the opposite modality to lead onto the following album and vice versa. It is as if Andrew had danced along a piano tapping out songs as he moved along. The tracks are solid, with ambient tones, crackling drums and melodies which make you quiver at the knees.

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PB008| Andrew Kilpatrick- One Day Later…

With all its bleeps, buzzes and bloops in perfect order, the third installment from Pxl-Bot’s very own Andrew Kilpatrick is nothing short but jaw droppingly brilliant.

Bringing incredibly catchy melodies, foot stomping good beats and and an overall finish which leaves you breathless and on your knees in front of it, this EP is yet another masterful release from Andrew. Inspired by a forum post at this EP was written and composed in just one day. One Day Later… draws you in with its almost story like tracks and once ensnared you never want to leave your prison cell of melodies again. Also featuring a brilliantly done cover of Wintersun’s ‘Beyond The Dark Sun’, cover art by the very talented Holy Konni and three bonus tracks all thrown in for good measure, this EP is definitely a must have for chip fanatics.