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Blipfest 2011 from Viva Amiga Documentary

Chiptune artists ctrix, 4Mat, Stagediver and Bit Shifter at Blipfest 2011…using Amigas in live performances and proclaiming their awesomeness. Check ctrix also playing a Gatari! (DIY atari guitar).

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gwEm interview at bedroom producers

gwem_swearingOur first robot submission is a doozy, a great interview with gwEm at Bedroom Producers. An excerpt:

bp: Your music arrangements are quite complex, and yet you’re a solo artist basically. How hard is it to prepare and setup your live act? Do you bring your own equpment everywhere you go?

gwEm: Good question. I’ve spent a long time refining this. I bring as much equipment as I can, but obviously sometimes its heavy and impractical to bring some things. In the minimum case I have a Steinberger GP guitar, which is a headless design, but still with a cool Flying V look. It fits into a suitcase. For a mixer, I have a Rolls Karaoke Mixer from USA. One problem is electricty – you never know which voltage and plugs will be available, so everything runs off battery. I usually ask for a microphone and stand, but I can bring it in the suitcase. The main parts of my tracks play from a Nintendo DS. I used to use a minidisc, but it was becoming unreliable. Now, in the ‘luxury’ case I take an 8 channel Behringer mixer, an Atari ST, a DS, a proper Flying V, and I bring my drummer and two microphones. He uses a Yamaha drum pad, but his luxury is a real drumkit. Oh, and i forgot my SansAmp pedal – it’s a sort of analogue guitar modeller – it sounds very nice, and its small. Plus there is no latency. I also bring a guitar tuner, and some cables :).