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Atarimatt – “I Was A Teenage Metalhead”

Atarimatt sends TCTD a cd-r of his new split “I Was A Teenage Metalhead”. Atarimatt, working entirely on two copies of synthcart on the Atari2600 makes probably the best use of the TIA chip outside Slocum’s own Treewave.  The first track on the disc, “Space Squid Shakedown” is its most succesful track,  with slow building tension and adept use of the 2600’s especially limited sonic palette.  Atarimatt does use some mixing and effects, but the use is subtle and does not detract from the song, rather reinforces it.

After a track from other band, electro Proggers GUL, atarimatt second track “The Electric Monsters”,  is a jaunty well played tune, but perhaps falls victim to the shortcomings of the TIA with its limited pitch range.  Everything about the track is solid, it just did not grab me as strongly as the lead-off track.

Finally the two artist take turns remixing the rad atarimatt tune, “Commuter”. The source song, on atarimatts myspace” , is itself a beautiful track, and the remixes are different enough to be unique pieces of work.  The disc itself comes packaged with artwork and stickers for the bands and label. At five bucks its a very low risk high reward proposition, and a great showcase of the potential of synthcart at its best.

You can get it for $5 anywhere in the US at his myspace.