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Bear & Walrus – Image Poems

Bear & Walrus’ Image Poems is a ten track album of jazzy chip rock, a collection of songs inspired by early 20th-century poetry. Made with Midines, piano, glockenspiel, live percussion, a few Gameboys and whatever other instruments happened to be lying around, the entire album was written and recorded in just 28 days for the RPM Challenge.



Bear & Walrus – September, 1846

A thirty minute EP by Bear & Walrus recorded during the month of September. Featuring a blend of 8-bit sounds and acoustic instruments… layered Midines lines, distorted mGB leads and Commodore 64 percussion are paired with glockenspiel, piano and melodica for the perfect autumn soundtrack. Available as a free download or as a limited edition physical release, consisting of a hand silkscreened audio CD, four signed and numbered digital prints and a letter-pressed chipboard case.



Bear & Walrus – August, 1812

A four song chip-rock EP recorded during the month of August, featuring phrase sampled Midines tracks chopped up and blended with glockenspiel, piano and classic synth sounds. The fourth track, Burnout, is the standout… ten plus minutes of eight-bit prog rock.


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