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Scrubs Helping Scrubs: Dauragon interviewed for NPR

haynie_story1Parris Haynie writes Chiptunes music under the pseudonym Dauragon C. Mikado, a name inspired from the main villain in the Playstation 2 game, The Bouncer. In his room, Haynie says, he creates his hip hop infused Chiptunes songs using a program called Nanoloop. He presses the buttons on the clearly aged game boy to form patterns of notes in the program and the small speakers output this.


Read the interview here:

You can also grab his split with E.S.C and big-chip, Bitches, out on kittenrock now.

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Nanoloop 2008 Comp

The LLOPS Are in your MIND

The LLOPS Are in your MIND

Not the biggest Nanoloop fan, but this comp has a amazing lineup.


with 22 tracks from (among others): Glomag, Bit Shifter, nordloef, Big-Chip, Zombectro, Albino Ghost Monkey, Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours, (and Hidden Village might *I* add) etc. etc. multiple versions of the artwork are available, so print which ever you prefer… cover 7 designed by JDDJ3J, the rest by e.s.c.”

Download it here:

Discuss it here:


Big-Chip Tutorials and Apps

Battling 'lil bits.


Big-Chip writes in about his chip resources page. Included are tutorials for Nanoloop 1.3 and 2.2, and NES MML utilities for MACOSX users. Very helpful!