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Various Artists/The Dark Side of the Moon – The 8-bit Album/Pterodactyl Squad

“Although attempted numerous times before, Pterodactyl Squad have finally done the original album justice with the definitive 8-bit interpretation of Pink Floyd’s progressive rock classic. Produced as an 8-bit mirror of the original, the music on this release was created using sounds from various old games consoles including the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Game Boy.”

1. Speak to Me/Breathe – Bit_Rat
2. On the Run – EvilWezil
3. Time – khades
4. The Great Gig in the Sky – Rabato
5. Money – sergeeo
6. Us and Them – Videogame Orchestra
7. Any Colour You Like – Jason Vincion
8. Brain Damage – echosignal
9. Eclipse – Temp Sound Solutions



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Wizwars – Telstar Arcade

released 01 December 2010
All songs by Kevin Hagge
Mastered by Bit_Rat (Josiah Tobin)
Art by Bit_Rat (Josiah Tobin)



New episode of the Gamewave Podcast

Check out a brand new episode of the Gamewave Podcast at or subscribe at

Joe and Mike make a triumphant return – it’s like they’ve never been away. Despite being on separate continents the guys have got together and recorded a brand new episode choc-full of blazing VG-inspired music from George & Jonathan, Teleidofusion, Bit_Rat, Norrin_Radd, Cheapshot, Coova and little-scale, Project Dolphin and Machinae Supremacy. Send us some emails and requests to play on the next show. We’re not sure exactly when the next show will be, but tell everyone you know, because the Gamewave Podcast is back!


Bit_Rat/Ant Attack OST/Pterodactyl Squad

Hot on the heels of Bit_Rat’s already critically acclaimed Test Subject album comes the Ant Attack OST – the original soundtrack to a game for the iPhone released in October last year by Broken Kings, where Bit_Rat is part of the development team.

Pterodactyl Squad presents the original soundtrack to Ant Attack, a NES-style action/arcade game developed by Broken Kings for the iPhone. Written by Bit_Rat, who also handled all art responsibilities on Ant Attack, this release includes two unreleased tracks not to be found in the game.

“Ant Attack brings you to the forefront of the battle against the world’s bugs!

All that you want to do is to have an innocent picnic, but the smell of food is just too much for the nearby ant nests to resist! Wave after wave of ants come to try and eat your food. Stop them by squishing them with your finger!

Advanced Ant-Combatant technology has been developed for your use – merely drag them onto the screen to purchase them!

-9 enemy types
-5 traps to purchase
-3 levels in each of 2 different game modes
-Classic NES/Arcade style graphics and audio”

Go download the soundtrack for free over at the release page on