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Henry Homesweet “The Archaic Revival”

As our planet crosses the center of the Galaxy, starchild Henry Homesweet marks our 10th release since our relaunch and opens a portal into higher dimensional realms. In his first Bleepstreet appearance, Homesweet manifests aurally using the laws of vibration and his 101% unconditional love for Bleeps of the highest order.

“The Archaic Revival” is a tune for the collective mind, a deep and ontological revival of linear chip-Time. The track starts with a pulsating house groove precisely tuned in to work as an etheric energy attractor, these frequencies will also activate your pineal gland also known as the third eye. There is no secret method for this, it’s all based on ancient mathematical sacred systems that can be found everywhere including Nature and Techno music. A timeless Universal party.

The second manifestation on the single, “Future Tense”, is a personal Electro-Funk invitation to increased awareness of the changes happening on Planet Earth.


Chipmusic • Labels • Releases


“ORGAN1SED GR1M3 II” is the first release on Bleepstreet by Latvian Chip-Bo$$ Kodek. The single features some Über-Trendy Gameboy production skills brought to the next level with the flying grime rhymes from British MC Zebadiah.

The single includes the vocal mix and the instrumental version plus another instrumental remix by Zet.

100% High-Quality Mix in 16bit Stereo.