One-Minute: A Compilation of One Minute Songs

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Various Artists - Wintertunes - Ubiktune

Better late than never. Wintertunes.

1. nq\skrju – Magic Snow is White and Slow
2. Rico Zerone – Navigator
3. Tony Thai – Cough Syrup Overdose
4. Derris-Kharlan – Reconciliation
5. Captain Tortilla – Wind Chill
6. Zan-zan-zawa-veia – Jeca Jeca
7. Blitz Lunar – The Labyrinth of Skadi
8. zinger – Hibernation Hacker
9. coda & surasshu – lucia
10. ast0r – Mere Words (Bobby McFerrin)
11. Temp Sound Solutions – Angels’ Bane


Week In Review

8BC's Weekly Hot Tracks

8bc[Editor’s Note]: We are trying to bring this feature back in a way that isn’t too hard to curate, but still grabs some deeper cuts. Feedback wanted!}

Too busy to trawl through 8bc looking for the good stuff? Here’s what some of our favorite 8bc posters have been enjoying in the last week:

4mat – Like Seeing You Again For The First Time
Kulor – Doorbellsplosion
Beware – Reaction
Vickysbooties – Weather Source
Oxygenstar – The Complete Destruction Of Planet Earth
Derris-Kharlan – By The Bay (Live)
George – Out With My Girlfriends
Malmen – Flirt Talk
Kulor – Elementary School Supernova
Blitz Lunar – Heavenly Spores

Chipmusic • Labels

'Summertunes' out on UBIKTUNE

ubiktune010After spring comes summer…

Another top notch compilation from Ubiktune, with 11 tracks by 12 different artists (yes, one collaborative track) made with various platforms.

C-jeff writes:

In the end of summer Ubiktune’s forces have gathered together to play the last summer songs of this year.