The Prodigy, 8-Bit style

artistsChatting with my friend Paza Rahm, he showed me a video for a track that he submitted for a compilation. The track in question is part of a big project of these russian guys, who set forth to compile not one, but three albums full of The Prodigy covers and remixes. 

The album in question, “Emulator Punks!!“, is the latest installment in these series of three and features mostly eastern european (and unknown to me) artists, producing these tracks with a plethora of methods, from fakebit to full-on Spectrum AY power passing through Paza’s almighty Atari ST. The other two albums, “Pixel Bit Chipology! Classics: Inside” and “”Pixel Bit Chipology! Classics: Outside” are on the same vein and cover a variety of Prodigy tracks as well as showcases even more artists.

A bunch of these tracks are very good and well worth a listen, among which we can find Paza’s previously mentioned track, “Charly”, Capkonamco’s amazing remix of “Baby’s Got A Temper”, Snork25’s take on “What Evil Lurks” and Bulldoza’s gloomingly kick-ass cover of “Poison” 

In all, yet another “tribute” album but this time featuring a bunch of artists you usually don’t listen anywhere else, thus removing us a bit from the usual stuff and, even though The Prodigy is “preset techno” as our own Peter Swimm likes to call it, some surprises and nice twists on the originals are to be found.

Long live the Eastern Europe massive!