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Ubiktune: [UBI044] Various Artists — SOUNDSHOCK 2: FM FUNK TERRROR!!


SOUNDSHOCK is back! This is FM FUNK TERRROR!! — the collective vision of zinger, C-jeff and Tsuyoshi Shimokura, and the definite FM experience of 2012.

via Ubiktune: [UBI044] Various Artists — SOUNDSHOCK 2: FM FUNK TERRROR!!.

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Ubiktune: [UBI035] C-jeff — Preschtale

I found my true north in the land of shining stars,

I’m moving on my way from morning Earth to evening Mars.

I’m rising through the silence of Mother Universe,

And faith in God that helps me keep my inner force.

Software used:

Open ModPlug Tracker, Plogue Chipsounds, Native Instruments FM8, DSK ThoR, Vember Audio Surge, Apple Logic Pro, tons of various chip samples

via Ubiktune: [UBI035] C-jeff — Preschtale.

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Various Artists — Equilibrium

Various Artists — Equilibrium

Turn left and see the blue sea. Turn right and hear the sound of thunder. Turn back and find peace.
Kulor — ?????? (4:33)
Blitz Lunar — Sapling (3:46)
Velathnos — Poseidon (3:05)
nq\skrju — Waves to Lullaby (1:44)
C-jeff — Maroon (3:12)
RushJet1 — Calming Winds (2:28)
Tony Thai — ?????????? (4:19)
FearofDark — Recovery (4:42)
surasshu — Rebirth


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Ubiktune-v3 is out

Almost a year ago Ubiktune-v2 was launched, but ever since then we were thinking about how to improve and make the label better place for kind of music we all love so much. Finally, this is it.

We’d like to thank all people who was supporting and help us in our mission and personally Sander/Focus (for the brilliant art), Mercurius and micksam7 (for stable hosting and mirror providing).

During 2011 we’d like to introduce for you more great music. Stay tuned for yogurtbox (coda and surasshu), Danimal Cannon, Teleidofusion (C-jeff and Megus), Manwe, Diad (tadpole and Heosphoros), virt, Jay Tholen, Blitz Lunar, C-jeff, velathnos, FearofDark, maxo and more as well as various compilation albums.

Enjoy the music and welcome to Ubiktune-v3!

ubiktune-v3-logo.png (38 KB)

ubiktune-v3-logo.png (38 KB)

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UBI019 – Various Artists – Up

1. C-jeff — Ocean Backwards
2. Virt — First Flight
3. Blitz Lunar — Mathsma Attack
4.Heosphoros — Triple Point
5. nq\skrju — Up to Sunshine Avenue
6. coda — the magnificent meat shower
7. Zan-zan-zawa-veia — Last Sppr
8. Shnabubula — Spongetta in the Studio
9. Maxo — Twirling Star
10. Jork— Cellular Interference
11. Derris-Kharlan — Forcystus

UP, a compilation of 11 songs, based on progressive music elements is released. Let the polyrhythms and virtuoso solos be your guides to
the New Year! “There are no rules of architecture for a castle in
the clouds.” — G. K. Chesterton