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RIP Raster/C.P.U.

Extremely sad news from Pouet tonight:

Radek Št?rba aka Raster died on 28th July 2011 in a train accident. He was great man (I know people usually say that but I _really_ mean it) and good friend of mine. Always supportive and kind.He was also extremely talented, he made infamous Raster Tracker and loads of other Atari related stuff (games, demos, music,…) Rest in peace :(

More info about him and the accident can be found here

When I first got into chipmusic, the Atari Pokey chip was always a favorite of mine, and it is due in large part to his work on the wonderful Windows tracker. I only spoke to him a few times in asking about the application, but he was always kind and ready to answer questions and consider features. He may be gone, but hopefully his voice will live on in the songs and projects that come out of his wonderful programs. He will truly be missed, and TCTD extends its sincere condolences to his friends and family.

via Pouet