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environmental sound collapse – Chains Of Gold

environmental sound collapse‘s latest release is four tracks of piggy tracker, midiNES and a circuit-bent Yamaha RX-17 smushed together, to create a stodgy meal of crunchy basslines, jittery drum beats and sprinkled with noisy leads, in order to feed your earholes. Recommended side-dishes include bacon, vodka, vodka-infused bacon and bacon-infused vodka. Eat up!

via [CDK 057]

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Steady C – He Started It

CDKr is no stranger to hip hop, with the Chip Hop and Urban Bits compilations being notable examples – but here is the debut effort from rap icon Steady C! Straight outta Meriden, Conneticut, Steady C has been creating rhymes and breaking hearts since he was but a small child. This collection of tracks contains some oldies, and some new crackers for yer earholes as well.

Recommended Usage: stick it on a cassette tape, pop it in your car and cruise your local neighbourhood.

via [CDK 056] Steady C – He Started It | CalmDownKidder Records.

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Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou – Uma Kill Fancy Resistance

BSK! BSK! BSK! Whilst he and pal Maru are over in the UK, Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou has unleashed his Uma Kill Fancy Resistance towards CDKr, and I can only but accept! Six tracks of astonishing Game Boy prowess are yours to behold if you download this album, but be warned – exposure to music this good can only be amazing for your health! If you like your music like your like your coffee, dark yet occasionally sugary at the same time, this might just be your new favourite album.

via [CDK 055]

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[CDK 053] USK vs Fighter X

Phew, is it really summer again? It seems like it was last around this time last year! …oh, right… Well, those nice boys USK and Fighter X feel that it’s time to whip out your boom box, pump out these jams, and chill the heck out! Six tracks of fast-tempo, high-powered, all-out, balls-to-the-wall BANGERS will be sure to make your Summer the hottest around, no matter where you live!

Artwork by Maru


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gwEm/Decade of Fragments/CDKr


Astonishingly dirty basslines? Check. Thumping Beats? Check. Samples from all sorts of various nooks and crannies in pop culture? Check. Christmas Song? Check.

Wait, what?

Most ordinary mixes don’t have Christmas songs, but then, most mixes aren’t by Atari and axe wielding madman Gareth Morris, who celebrates his 10th year of being ‘The One They Call gwEm‘. During a short period of not being busy from touring all over the world, from London to Toyko and almost everywhere in between, or putting on his own shows, or making his own Atari music composing software maxYMiser, gwEm has managed to make this astonishing 35 minute mix of old and new music into an unforgettable dance mix, that will surely cement his position in the chipscene for at least another ten years!

Artwork by noteNdo