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zOMG!! Cheapshot

James York a.k.a. Cheapshot a.k.a. Yorkie a.k.a. better at dubstepwobblebasschipfunk than you has been tearing up the Tokyo live scene for the past year with more fans than a top seed gladiator. This EP is part of the reason why. Dark and gritty, instantly accessible, and hard to forget. Phone home and tell your mother, Cheapshot has arrived.

via 8bitpeoples.

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New episode of the Gamewave Podcast

Check out a brand new episode of the Gamewave Podcast at or subscribe at

Joe and Mike make a triumphant return – it’s like they’ve never been away. Despite being on separate continents the guys have got together and recorded a brand new episode choc-full of blazing VG-inspired music from George & Jonathan, Teleidofusion, Bit_Rat, Norrin_Radd, Cheapshot, Coova and little-scale, Project Dolphin and Machinae Supremacy. Send us some emails and requests to play on the next show. We’re not sure exactly when the next show will be, but tell everyone you know, because the Gamewave Podcast is back!


Cheapshot on Metrodub

Morning all!

Just wanted to let you know that I know have a couple of tracks available as a free download on the awesome METRODUB label accompanied by artwork by the man himself – minikomi!


1. Jam Jahz
2. Whoops

Check them out here: