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CheeseCutter Updated to 2.3.0

Extra keys for laptop users: [ and ] change the speed; { and } change the framecall counter; + and – in the sequencer change the base octave value.
Packer updated to handle subtunes.
Absolute notes were affected by slides in the player.
Keyjam mode: press Ctrl-Space or Caps Lock and use the note keys to play the active instrument. Works only with the latest player (CC03.30). With older players (e.g. those used by the example tunes) you get no audio.
Most windows can be activated by a mouse click; mouse wheel is also usable. Some statusline elements are clickable too (try “speed” and “rate”-fields).


[CSDb] – CheeseCutter 2.3.0 2012.

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CheeseCutter 0.4.0 Appeared

New C64 tracker for Windows with source, based on Goattracker? Anyone give it a try yet?