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TCTD Links for 2010-12-07

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Chipdisco updated to 0.2

ChipdiscoDJ is a twin-deck MOD/XM/S3M player, set up like DJ software and with many of the same features. Needless to say, because modules are much better than MP3s, WAVs and other rendered audio files, you can do very cool stuff by digging into the notes as they’re calculated and played on the fly by the player engine. Adjust speed without adjusting pitch! Change pitch without altering speed! Mute individual instruments or channels! Trigger sub-pattern loops (a la Ableton Live) with pinpoint timing accuracy! Also, because modules are usually very small, you can roll up to a party with ChipdiscoDJ and a bunch of tunes on a floppy disk and kill that shit dead. No floppies? Don’t worry – you can queue up files from other websites by copying the URLs. Aaaawesome.

Chipdisco : Built with Processing.


Why aren’t there more things like these?

discoVia Syphus:

EDIT from comments: I’m making it in Processing, and will eventually be a Windows/Linux/Mac executable AND a web-based Java applet.

I might tidy it up and cobble together a Processing library so that other people can use the IBXM replayer system (by Martin Cameron) in their Processing sketches.

This will be my principle means of releasing mod/xm musicdisks in the future, with the possibility of releasing web-based versions of old Amiga/etc musicdisks. For the native executables, I may see about building in a ‘render to mp3? function, so I can distribute small disks from which people can build large mp3-player-friendly albums.

I’ve been asking for similar DJ type players for other chips for years.. especially for my Hardsid!