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IWADON: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album Released

IWADON: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album | iwadon.

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New Releases from 56KBS

56web2Our favorite Latin American Noise Mutants are back with four new releases. Who can keep up?!?!

4 New releases! and also a new blog and the premier of “Graphic” with galleries (remotly) based on chiptune/8 bit from TheTheThes and Chema64:

Chiptots | Chiptots EP: Brazilian band with a mix of Chipmusic with Post-Harcore, excellent vocals

Popcorn Kid! | XXX :Musician from Ciudad Juarez/El Paso, LSDJ, Famitracker, Ableton, all the british sound in this one

Kealkowa | Beats and bits: Glitchy-Funky madness from Morelos, Mexico

Droid-ON| Introspective BitDnace: Marty McFly meets Stravinsky