Fighter X - ST


The third album by Fighter X, now working together as a duo; Nick Walthew and Jack Waterman (previously known as Circles.) With twice the power behind an astounding 18 track punch, the newfound duality of Fighter X is a force to behold!

1. First Strike
2. Time to Die
4. Sparking!
5. Tri-Beam
6. Neurad Specialty
7. Trident
8. Thrill Ride
9. Intoxicate?
10. Flash Product
11. Disco Tripper
12. Sound the Alarm
13. Taiko Child
14. Ravestorm
15. Psycho Video
16. Iron Will (feat Spamtron)
17. Already
18. Ascension

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Lo-Tek Resistance Compilation

lotekcomplgInspired by the renegade chiptune street shows of the same name, the Lo-Tek Resistance Compilation showcases a diverse mix of tracks by locals from around the Pacific Northwest, home of CrunchyCo. Check out ten killer tunes and look out for these guys on the streets!

Track List:

01. Lo Intro by Fighter X

02. Lo-Tek Resistance by Fighter X

03. Disco Tripper by Circles

04. Obamatron by Spamtron

05. Slangtag by McFiredrill

06. MYWIVES by Oven Rake

07. Valley Heights by Plain Flavored

08. Jungle Runner by SeanBad

09. SYZYGY by Lunar Synthetic

10. Gesar Says by Infradead

11. Foam by Deepearth.void

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