Booze Design & Instinct – Andropolis (2009)

Another fine BD production from 2009, my favourite thing about BD demos is that they work as if the C64 border doesn’t exist. For years one of the biggest limits on C64 hardware, these guys completely ignore it and bring fine effects that surpass the usual C64 screen.

Excellent music by Dane and also graphics! Archmage pixels some nice shit too and HCL puts it all together.

I noticed I have skipped at least two weeks of demo posting so I’ll try to make up for that!


LCP 2009 Results

LCP 2009 happened this weekend, and the results have been posted. releases are still trickling through, but you can see 1st placed Andropolis By Booze Design & Instinct above, and some bootlegs over on Nullsleep’s twitter.