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Dubmood – Best Of 2001-2003

This old chipdisk, untill today only been avalible as an .exe, has been remastered and re-released on the Internet. All the songs were composed by Dubmood and various guests between 2001 and July 2003 using Fasttracker 2 and all the songs has been used in a multitude of cracktros, demos and other demo scene productions over the years. Among the guests are oldschool razor1911 member 3paq, fairlight members Bliss (Henrik Jose) and Zabutom and one of the fyllecell founders Stalker. It is now available for streaming on all the biggest services like spotify & deezer and also avalible as mp3, wav, flac etc on bandcamp. We really hope you will enjoy this pre-historic piece of Data Airlines & Dubmood history.

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Facteur – America (DATA016)

Facteur, – a Marseilles-based electronic music producer who has been with Data Airlines since almost the beginning, has been touring and collaborating with Dubmood a lot over the years and has recently been very active with rock group Nasser, dubbed a French Soulwax- is back with a new opus.

A calmer and more minimalistic approach to the facteur-music we are used to, he takes us on a voyage through hinterland America in an orgies in simple rhythms and analogue synth-porn and Dubmood joins in on the two last tracks with a fitting Commodore 64 on Jacksonville and a complete Atari ST remix of Palm Desert wich flirts with late 80s cracktro music. Cover-art by Erik Jonsson at

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Razor 1911 – Votedisk

The almost 20 year old tradition of a big German demoparty during the Easter-weekend continues, after Mekka Symposium and Breakpoint it is Revisions turn to gather almost 1000 alcoholized nerds from all over Europe to perform strange ceremonies. As usual, Razor 1911 was present and also competed in the 64kb intro category with an intro called “We accidently borrowed your votedisk” that coded by Rez with music by Dubmood. This time made by an old softsynth for 64kintros created by german demogroup farbrausch. Pretty impressing if you consider that it is all stuffed into 64kb we must say! Check it out on here.

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Dubmood – Badlands

With his latest 4 track EP, Dubmood has taken a big leap to widen the genre by bringing guitars, acoustic drums and singing to his chipmusic. A Mix of dubmoods recent electro-house influences and his earlier hip hop and chip tune-pop tracks, retro-gaming soundtracks and crackintro music. Gem Tos, the android from the retro-phuture is a permanent guest, featuring on three of the 4 tracks but other guests are two of dubmoods fellow musicians from Oai Star and Facteur, with whom dubmood has produced and toured as an electro-house duo in France during 2008 and 2009 and who is now raging havoc with french electrorock-act Nasser. Badlands is the first ep in a new Dubmood triology.

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Dubmood – Badlands EP #1 Teaser