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Gameboy Gutsfuck | Wizwars


1. Requiem For A Broken Heart

2. Technological Singularity

3. Little Worm (featuring Optimus Chad)

4. Too Trashed To Thrash

5. Old Skool

6. 213-323-562

via Gameboy Gutsfuck | Datathrash Recordings.

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“Feedback Warrior” by Optimus Chad


Datathrash ally Optimus Chad makes his label debut with a massive dose of Gameboy abusing mania including remixes by: Thunderface, Facundo, The Ghost Servant, Chainsaw Police, and The MM Project!!
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The Torture Of Humans For The Sake Of Art | Wizwars

Wizwars offers for your consideration a collection of pieces that I can only describe as “Art for the fucking sake of Art”. Eleven noisy as shit experimental tracks that just may finally snap you out of that seasonal affective disorder funk.

via The Torture Of Humans For The Sake Of Art | Datathrash Recordings.

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Fox Grapes | Graffiti Monsters

Fox Grapes | Graffiti Monsters.

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Cyber Thrash (live streamed concert)

Cyber Thrash 1: Clash of the Titans

The first in what we hope to be an ongoing web concert series is happening on Feb 24 on your computer!

Featuring: Wizwars, Starpilot, Kloudygirl, Optimus Chad, e.s.c., Greightbit, Thunder Face, and The Ghost Servant

Join the Facebook event page here to stay informed:

Organized and hosted by Optimus Chad
Sponsored and co-hosted by Datathrash Recordings